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Miss Fatty's wool cut

Now the weather is warming up the time has come for Miss Fatty to have her yearly shear. Each year we think this may be the last for she is certainly getting on in years with her joints giving her pain, a daily rose hip pill eased the aches up till now however she has also started a dose of hemp seed oil to see if that works too (at least she may be happy and laid back 😵).

Farmer J is relieved he only has to trim one wool coat and four hooves now as it does strain the back. At least with the weight of her wool off it may put a spring in her steep although she was very laid back being trimmed.
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Sunday afternoon with a bit of sun

A rare moment of seeing the donkeys laying down, moved into Gorgons field to eat down the grass they are doing a good job, although Vanille and Bambo are  OK with the sheep and pigs the ducks are being chased out of their cornered off field, thankfully the chickens are a bit faster otherwise it would be a noisy clucking time.

Happy cattle

For five months the cattle have been eating hay twice a day but today was their time to go back to pasture, they were more than ready. With two loads in the trailer going to La Contie the rest, the naughty but nice ones stayed at La Singlarie. Calves are on green grass for the first time following the herds around.
Now for Spring time jobs to get started - so much free time for farmer J. Fencing, tidying around the farm, getting machines ready for hay cutting, getting the gites gardens ready for Summer and a new bathroom to fit, his feet won't be touching the ground.

Living on a hill

Living at the top of a hill does sometimes have its  positives. Today it was lovely and bright up at La Singlarie, down below us was a blanket of thick mist.


Since the cattle have been coming in the hanger for feeding morning and evening it has also needed to be cleaned out. They sleep here during the night so clean straw is laid out for them each time. With more heads comes more manure meaning cleaning is more frequent but it is nice to know once finished they can sleep in peace. Others of the four legged feline kind don't need to shovel poo or fluff up straw, they just take in the sun rays of today while we worked.

I'm Back

It's been a long time since a wrote a line. But life has carried on here, busy with winter stuff, feeding the cows morning and night, dog walking, cleaning out the animals and normal stuff plus I have been studying to be a canine behaviourist with just my thesis to write now I am nearly qualified, so if you have a dog in need i may be able to help.

The white stuff arrived yesterday although a bit chilly it didn't stay long, although we are due to have more but this depends on which weather web site you look at, however none say warm and sunny at the moment 😎.

So I will be back soon .....


Both ends of the gite barn have rotten wood under the tiles so a fortnight period was marked out for work to be done. Thankfully I am not a handyman so did not need to go anywhere the highest end of the barn, apart from handing wood stain and roller at the end of the work from the top third floor bedroom. Our Belgium neighbour was enlisted to do the work being a builder and farmer J was the gofer (makes a change 😀 as it is usually me) climbing up and down the scaffolding many times with tools and materials.
The other end of the barn is not as high so farmer J is doing this on his own (although I may get roped into to being gofer as some point). Guess I shouldn't suggest starting on the third gite while he is there?